15 – Shadows of P’Jem

Grade: C-

Shadows of P'Jem (2002) on IMDb


In response to finding the spying equipment (in the 7th episode), the Andorians attack the Vulcan religious sanctuary at P’Jem. The entire facility was destroyed, and naturally, the Vulcan high command blames the humans for the attack. They have decided to stop any cooperative efforts between themselves and the humans, and to recall T’Pol from Enterprise.


This is the second episode in which the Andorians appear, and they show up just in time to save Captain Archer and T’Pol. Sorry if I just ruined the show for you, but this particular episode really wasn’t worth watching anyway. Especially laughable was the scene in which Archer and T’Pol help untie each other. Personally, I think it was just thrown in there to keep everyone watching who would have been bored to tears by now. But at least we can see some of the other characters react to the extremely annoying Vulcans.