2 – Broken Bow, Part 2

Grade: B-

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The Enterprise continues trying to return a Klingon warrior to his home world, after he has been abducted by a mysterious race of aliens.


I thought part 2 was a bit weaker than part 1, but it was a pretty good start to the series, overall. Part 1 did a pretty good job setting up a mystery for the crew to solve, but Part 2 was pretty much all action. Star Trek does this a lot. The second parts of the two-part episodes are usually worse than the first parts.

As a long-time Star Trek fan, it really bothered me that the Enterprise transporter was advanced enough to transport someone running at full speed. It makes no sense when compared to the way the transporters worked in the Original Series. It wasn’t even until the movies when the transporters finally were able to transport someone who was moving. I’ll keep giving this series a chance, but it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the series that the writers don’t care much for the already established storylines and technology.

Of Note

The Klingons in this episode look like the ones after the Original Series. Because of this, several years into Enterprise there is an episode that explains what happened to Klingons to make them look different in Kirk’s time. Honestly, I think I would have rather seen an original Klingon instead – somehow I think that would have been more consistent – and perhaps more interesting too.