7 – The Andorian Incident

Grade: B-

The Andorian Incident (2001) on IMDb


The Enterprise crew has been relying on Vulcan-supplied star charts since the beginning of their mission. When they notice one planet that has been left off the chart, they decide to investigate. They find out from T’Pol that the uncharted planet is home to a Vulcan religious sanctuary, and that the presence of outsiders would be unwelcome. This, of course, only makes them more curious, and after they make a visit to the sanctuary, they find a few blue-skinned invaders, who are looking for Vulcan spying equipment.


Personally, I think this is one of the better episodes we’ve seen so far this season, and yet, it’s not really any better than the average TOS, TNG or DS9 episode. Still, we get some great insights to the Andorians and Vulcans, and it is nice to learn more about a classic Star Trek race that we didn’t know much about before. One other thing – we get to see Malcolm Reed in command and get to see his style.