73 – The Lights of Zetar

Grade: C-

The Lights of Zetar (1969) on IMDb


The Enterprise travels to Memory Alpha, which is the central library for the Federation. They find out that everyone in the facility has been killed by some kind of space storm thing, and it has also attacked Lt. Mira Romaine.


The best part about this show has to be the actress who plays Mira Romaine. The rest of the episode is pretty unremarkable. Scotty seems to be totally infatuated with Miss Romaine, but she doesn’t seem to care for him all that much. Their “relationship” seems a bit one-sided to me, and it’s rather uncomfortable. Other than that, this episode is OK, but about average. Not much to see here.

Of Note

You may have heard of the Memory Alpha website, which gets its name from this episode. The website is basically a library of all things Star Trek, more or less.