75 – The Way to Eden

Grade: D

The Way to Eden (1969) on IMDb


A group of space hippies have taken over a space cruiser and are on route to the mythical planet of Eden. Things get more complicated when it is found out their planet of choice is located inside Romulan space.


Oh boy. Here’s another worthless episode, which only seems to be an attempt to capitalize on the hippie movement. I guess if you can’t get mainstream folks to watch your show anymore, you may as well target other groups. This is one of the few episodes where Spock gets to play a musical instrument. But unlike in Plato’s Stepchildren, here Spock does it out of his own free will.

Of Note

On IMDB, this is the lowest rated Star Trek episode – even lower than Spock’s Brain. Actually it’s not as inept as Spock’s Brain, but it’s pretty bad.