51 – By Any Other Name

Grade: B-

By Any Other Name (1968) on IMDb


Three aliens known as the Kelvins take over the Enterprise, intending to take the ship to the Andromeda Galaxy. With their improvements, they’ll make it there in just 300 years.


There are some comical elements to this episode, like when Scotty gets one of the aliens drunk with something green. Kirk tricks the female in the only way he can (by pretending to be interested in her and seducing her) and Spock tricks the third one with Vulcan 3D chess. But the episode itself is rather average.

Of Note

When Scotty shares a drink with one of the aliens, he picks up a bottle and dusts it off. Then when the alien asks what it is, Scotty says “it’s green.” Then in the Next Generation episode called Relics, Scotty has a drink with Data. When asked what it is, Data says “it is green.” That was a nice touch.