33 – Mirror, Mirror

Grade: A-

Mirror, Mirror (1967) on IMDb


A transporter malfunction causes Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura to end up on the Enterprise in a parallel universe. All the same people are there, but on this Enterprise, the circumstances are quite different. It is a very barbaric situation.


This is one of the most memorable episodes of this series, and one of my favorites. You can tell the actors loved doing this particular story because most of them could play two different parts – their evil side and their good side. It’s as if everyone is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Spock’s beard is definitely one of the things you’d remember from this episode.

I’ve always liked the logo for the Empire depicted in the Mirror universe. I’m not sure why I like it, other than it just looks cool.

Of Note

Although this is the only time the Original Series dealt with this Mirror universe, it’s not the only time in the franchise. In fact, there are seven other episodes dealing with the Mirror universe, of which Deep Space Nine has five. I’m very surprised Voyager doesn’t have any of these.