42 – Obsession

Grade: C

Obsession (1967) on IMDb


The Enterprise encounters a malevolent entity which was responsible for killing some of Kirk’s relatives when he was a junior officer. So now Kirk has to get even.


You know, with 700+ Star Trek episodes, you’re going to have a few repeated storylines and some mediocre stories. I’m not a big fan of this episode. It’s Kirk fighting against a gas cloud. Yipee. They more or less repeated this story in the Next Generation when a scientist is brought on board to help track down the Crystaline Entity – you know, it’s the thing that looks like a cosmic Christmas tree.

Anyway, this one isn’t my favorite.

Of Note

Four Crewmembers died in this episode. It’s quite a bit, but the record belongs to Where No Man has Gone Before, with 9 deaths.