22 – Vox Sola

Grade: B

Vox Sola (2002) on IMDb


After making First Contact with a race of aliens that they cannot understand, another strange, stringy life form boards the Enterprise and takes over one of the cargo bays. After investigating the cargo bay, the alien life form takes control of several Enterprise crewmen. Can the rest of the crew save them?


Overall, this is one of their best episodes, and it represents some of their best work. I especially liked the music, but the character interactions and development were also done well. The storyline is interesting and mysterious and new.

The only downsides to this episode are the really bad special effects (it just looks old) and there were also a couple of missed opportunities here and there. Mostly, I didn’t think too highly of the acting for Tucker or Archer, and their scenes seemed really contrived.

Overall, though, it’s one of Enterprise’s better efforts. This one was worth watching.