72 – That Which Survives

Grade: C-

That Which Survives (1969) on IMDb


Kirk and friends beam down to investigate an interesting planet, and shortly thereafter, the Enterprise is sent far away. Then an ghostly but beautiful woman haunts them as they try to investigate a deserted outpost.


Like many of the episodes in this 3rd season, the best part of this episode seems to be the main guest actress. This time, it’s Lee Merriwether, who also played Catwoman in some of the Batman productions. She’s nice to look at, but the character she plays is rather robotic. The story is pretty lame, and all things considered, it’s one of the many forgettable episodes of this third season. In some ways, it has some similarities with an episode of NG when Riker, Yar and Data find a computerized salesman who tries to sell them an automated defense system.