60 – Is There in Truth No Beauty?

Grade: D+

Is There in Truth No Beauty? (1968) on IMDb


Captain Kirk and crew must transport a Medusan ambassador and his interpreter, played by the same woman who plays Dr. Pulaski in NG. The Medusan ambassador is apparently so ugly that anyone who sees him goes instantly insane – except for anyone with a special visor.

One of the dignitaries who comes on board the Enterprise with the Medusan ambassador ends up seeing her and going instantly insane. He takes the ship to the edge of the galaxy and they get lost out there. Now the only one who can help is the Medusan ambassador.


This strange episode is nothing to write home about. If you never saw this one, you shouldn’t go out of your way to see it. It’s not really a memorable episode, though it’s easy to remember a couple of the characters.

I’m guessing it didn’t take very long to write this episode and the script is probably only about 15 pages long. This thing really drags out and there are long stretches where nobody says anything and nothing happens. I really can’t see much of a reason to watch this episode – unless you’re looking for cheesy stuff that shows up in this series every now and then.

Of Note

It’s weird that the ship is sent way outside of the Milky Way galaxy and that somehow they have no way of knowing how to get back home. Couldn’t they just look out the window and see the galaxy in space?