55 – Assignment Earth

Grade: B-

Assignment: Earth (1968) on IMDb


The Enterprise is asked to investigate Earth’s history in 1968. Just before doing that, a human-like alien named Gary Seven beams aboard the Enterprise along with his black cat. He seems to be on a similar mission.


After several visits to Earth-like planets, the Enterprise finally visits the real Earth – except in 1968. This is a fairly interesting episode. Lots of silly parts in it with Teri Garr and Robert Lansing. The “back in time” episodes tend to be pretty good, for the most part. It was a decent way to end the second season.

Of Note

The computer that Gary Seven uses seems to be the same one in the Ultimate Computer and in All Our Yesterdays. This episode was actually designed to launch a spinoff series set in 1968. The idea never took off, however.