54 – Booby Trap

Grade: B-

Booby Trap (1989) on IMDb


The Enterprise crew find a distress signal from a ship inside an asteroid belt. When they investigate, they find out the ship has been trapped for a thousand years. Has the Enterprise fallen into the same trap?


I’m not sure exactly what it is, but this episode really reminds me of the Animated Series. It’s probably the writing and the design of the ship and the aliens. If I thought it was intentional, I’d say it was a nice nod to the old series.

This is the first time we see Leah Brahms in the Star Trek franchise. She was a nice character, but interestingly enough, just a holodeck re-creation. It’s also just as ironic that a holodeck character is the only kind of woman who will give Geordi LaForge the time of day.

I rated this as one of the better episodes in the third season because the storyline is better than most of them. And yet, it still isn’t that great.

Of Note

The real Leah Brahms shows up on the Enterprise about a year later. She was not very happy that Geordi had created a holographic character of her.