60 – The High Ground

Grade: C

The High Ground (1990) on IMDb


The Federation has been delivering medical supplies to a group of people who have been dealing with terrorists. Suddenly, there is an explosion and several people are injured. Dr. Crusher insists on helping the injured, despite several warnings to beam aboard. Then she’s kidnapped.


OK, so it was a nice try, and there are some fairly decent parts of this episode, but the last 15 minutes or so are just plain bad. I would have rated it much higher if it weren’t so disappointing.

By far, the best part of this episode is when Kyril Finn discusses with Dr. Crusher what the differences are between a terrorist and a revolutionary. It’s a good discussion, but since this is the highlight of the episode, the rest of it really leaves a lot to be desired.

The writing is sub-par, but just below average. There have been several episodes that are much worse than this one, but that’s not saying much. The acting is OK, but again, it’s not very good, and the directing is worse than usual.

I don’t recommend this episode. If you never see it, you won’t miss much (if anything).

Of Note

This episode was never shown on Irish TV until 2007. The offending portion was when Data mentioned the unification of Ireland in 2024. I guess we’ll soon find out if that happens.