25 – Two Days and Two Nights

Grade: C-

Two Days and Two Nights (2002) on IMDb


Captain Archer finally gets his crew to the famous planet of Risa. Archer, Tucker, Reed, Hoshi and Mayweather (and a few others) all get to go down to the surface and stay for two days and two nights. Of course, no trip to Risa is ever as care-free as advertised, and the crew have a variety of experiences on the planet.


It seems every Star Trek series has to have the “vacation gone wrong” episode, and it often involves Risa. The difference with the Enterprise version is that there are several storylines going on at once, and the show tries to follow all of them. I think I would have preferred it if the show had only followed Captain Archer and Hoshi, and only referenced the others. That would have at least made it easier to get more information into it.

Other than that, this was just another random Star Trek show – nothing really new or earth-shattering about it. It was kind of funny to see Tucker and Reed get completely taken advantage of by those two alien women.

Of Note

Since not everyone can visit the planet, they held a random drawing to determine who could go. I’m wondering how random it really was when all of the senior staff went, with the exception of T’Pol.