1 – Encounter at Farpoint, Part 1

Grade: D-

Encounter at Farpoint (1987) on IMDb


The newly-built Enterprise is on its maiden voyage to Farpoint Station, when the ship is suddenly visited by an alien known as Q. He places Captain Picard on trial for the crimes of humanity, throughout all of history.


I know this is going to make me wildly unpopular with Star Trek fans, but I’m just trying to be as objective as I can. This episode was not good. In fact, I believe it’s the worst pilot in all of Star Trek.

This series really got off to a bad start. The script and acting were terrible in this first half. With episodes this lame, I wonder how they managed to survive even a full season on TV.

The acting and the writing in this episode were just terrible. Just look at how Denise Crosby and Marina Sirtis overact when they are placed on trial and in Q’s courtroom. It’s embarrassingly bad. It’s annoying when Picard is on the Battle Bridge after the saucer section has been separated. Everyone has to say ‘Sir’ after every sentence.

At one point in this episode, Picard says that he plans to sit and wait for the aliens to return. And Troi responds by saying, “but that could bring them here in just a few minutes.” Say what? How is sitting here and waiting going to bring them here any faster than if we left?

All I know is that it’s really bad writing.

Of Note

Yes, the rumors are true. There actually are male crewmen on the Enterprise in this episode who are wearing miniskirts, along with several of the women.

Data is not supposed to be able to use contractions, but he does in this episode when in Q’s courtroom. Also, at one point, Captain Picard calls Deanna Troi “Commander,” though she wouldn’t actually become a Commander until much later in the series – maybe it was in the 5th season.

At the end of this episode, DeForrest Kelley makes an appearance as a 137 year old Dr. McCoy.