7 – Lonely Among Us

Grade: D

 Lonely Among Us
(1987) on IMDb


The Enterprise needs to transport a few delegates of the Anticans and the Selae to a planet called Parliament, where they will negotiate a treaty. The plot thickens, however, when the Enterprise travels through a strange cloud in space, and then a weird blue ray of energy attacks Worf.


This episode really could have been a lot better than it was, but the aliens just look silly. They are so obviously regular actors in rubber suits, that it’s just cheesy.

Well, if you can ignore how silly the aliens look, and if you can also ignore the really bad acting, you may actually enjoy this episode until there are about 10 minutes left. At that point, all of the main bridge crew are somehow zapped by this blue energy ray, and they’re all just frozen in place, trying to move. It looks so silly, that I’m not even sure how anyone could take the story seriously at all. Which is too bad, really, because this episode did have some potential. But all things considered, it’s just not very good, and this series is still just mediocre.

Of Note

This episode originally aired on Halloween, 1987. But the scariest thing in this episode is that someone, somewhere, may have actually liked it.