Released: 2014
Grade: A-

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Matthew McConaughey plays a retired NASA pilot named Cooper who is now working on a farm at some point in the future. Because of some global catastrophe, corn is the only crop that can grow, and the Earth is dying. Cooper takes a chance to lead the people of Earth into a better future. However, doing this will require him to take a flight to a distant planet and he will be away from his family for several decades.


My brother told me about this movie just a little while ago. Based on his recommendation, I watched it the first chance I got, which was actually while I was on a plane. This is one really great movie. I loved it.

The premise takes a little while to get established, but once it gets going, it’s a very interesting storyline. The writing is excellent and the story is very engaging. It’s great to see a sci-fi movie that is intelligent and has a lot of heart.

Even though this movie deals with such things as time differentials, gravity, black holes, space travel and where humanity may be headed in the future, there is also a wonderful story about the love of a father toward his children and vice-versa. He’s especially close to his daughter who grows up more or less taking over the project on Earth while he travels to a distant planet in search of a new home for humans.

I’ve kept my review of this film pretty short, but this is definitely one movie I never get tired of seeing.

Of Note

Christopher Nolan consulted with Dr. Kip Thorne to get the science correct in this movie. Dr. Thorne won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2017, a few years after this film was released.