93 – Bound

Grade: F

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The Enterprise encounters a ship from the Orion Syndicate. Archer boards the ship to meet with its commander, and he receives three Orion Slave Girls, who have a very strong impact on the rest of the crew.


This episode stunk. It’s another Berman & Braga fiasco, whose only intent is to keep people watching. The Orion Slave girls were so far over the top that it was hard to really enjoy this episode. As a long time fan of the Star Trek series, I was pretty disappointed that they’ve taken this direction. Star Trek has always been a fun show to watch, but with this episode, B&B have created something that would be right in line with Buck Rogers from 1979. This is one of several episodes I wish they had never created.

The only reason this show exists at all is as a last-ditch effort to get anyone to watch this series.

Of Note

At one point, Dr. Phlox injects someone with a sedative. Then he injects himself with the same thing but this time he calls it a stimulant. Curious.

Cyia Batten plays one of the Orion slave girls in this episode. She also played Gul Dukat’s daughter, Ziyal in Deep Space Nine a couple of times. Obviously, they’re two very different characters.