90 – Galaxy’s Child

Grade: C

Galaxy's Child (1991) on IMDb


Dr. Leah Brahms comes aboard the Enterprise to review LaForge’s “improvements” to the ship’s engines. Meanwhile, a space creature latches onto the Enterprise and starts draining all its power.


Just like Data forgot about several space-born creatures (Crystalline Entity, the weird space jellyfish things in the pilot episode, the space organism in Tin Man, the 2-dimensional creatures from just a few episodes ago, etc.), you’ll probably also forget about this entire episode, even after only a few days. Sorry, I don’t like this episode. I think it’s a waste of time.

Parts of this episode are OK, like the interaction between Leah Brahms and Geordi LaForge. Just like in the episode Hollow Pursuits, real people are angry when their colleagues create simulations of them on the Holodeck. I liked the interaction between Susan Gibney and LeVar Burton. There are some pretty witty comments between them, and it was nice to see LaForge dealing with his obvious attraction to her.

But the rest of the episode is rather bland. Sure, there’s the part when Captain Picard accidentally kills the space creature, and that’s done well. But then they had to add the baby creature who thinks the Enterprise is its mother. It’s just a little to silly for my taste. Plus, the acting wasn’t very good either. And except for the scenes with Brahms and LaForge, the writing isn’t very good.

Of Note

At the beginning of this episode, Captain Picard informs Geordi LaForge that Leah Brahms is coming aboard the Enterprise. He then seems surprised when LaForge acts like he knows her. But Picard should know about this already because he saw LaForge on the Holodeck, interacting with his simulation of Leah Brahms. Oops.