87 – The Killing Game, Part 2

Grade: C

The Killing Game, Part II (1998) on IMDb


Janeway and Seven fight Nazis on their way to the Astrometrics lab. There they make a plan to try to re-take the ship, with help from the Doctor and Harry.


This episode started out OK, but I started to get tired of it after only a short while. Janeway’s solution to get her ship back is to make a cease fire with the Hirogen officer and to offer Holodeck technology to them in exchange. I guess this is the start of a different kind of Janeway. Or maybe it’s about time for her to start to be smart. If this had been 2nd or 3rd Season Janeway, then she would not have offered technology to the Hirogen.

But one other thing that is weird about how this one ends is that there’s a truce, but then we see the ship is all cleaned up and ready to go. Did the Hirogen really allow Voyager’s crew to shower, get haircuts, put on clean clothes and repair the ship? It doesn’t make any sense. The Hirogen are walking around the ship, completely unsupervised. What motive do they have for a truce? They already have what they want – which is a stock of warriors to fight against them, plus the Holodeck which gives them unending stories and unlimited possibilities. So the Hirogen have no need for a truce.

Here’s something else. Janeway gives them Holodeck technology AFTER they make the truce. Why would she give away technology even after they had the truce they wanted? She should just execute the truce and send the Hirogen on their way. So there’s no need to give up the technology and there’s no need for the Hirogen to make a truce. The episode makes no sense.

But it did show Klingons fighting Nazis, so it gets a few points for that.

Of Note

Tom Paris says the Nazis were the Borg of their day. Kinda funny, even if it isn’t all that accurate.