64 – The Tholian Web

Grade: B

The Tholian Web (1968) on IMDb


Kirk vanishes into some other dimension in an alternate universe or something. Spock has to find out how to get him back to our universe and prevent him from disappearing and reappearing. Meanwhile, Tholian patrol ships are constructing some kind of force field around the Enterprise.


This is an OK episode, but not really one of my favorites. It is better than most of the ones we have seen so far in this season, however. It seems to be a bit slow in some place, but it’s interesting to see what happens to Captain Kirk and how they finally solve the mystery. In some ways, it’s similar to the Next Generation episode called The Next Phase when Geordi and Ro are presumed dead.

Of Note

This episode served as the basis for the two Enterprise episodes staged in the Mirror Universe. In addition to crossing over into the alternate universe, the Defiant also went back in time about 100 years.