51 – Bounty

Grade: F

Bounty (2003) on IMDb


A Tellarite bounty hunter captures Captain Archer and plans to return him to Q’onos. So the Enterprise has to find a way to get him back. Oh, and just in case we’ve forgotten that there’s a well endowed female Vulcan on board, T’Pol becomes infected with a virus that makes her go through the Pon Farr prematurely, but conveniently just in time to be filmed for this episode. And what makes us even more fortunate, Dr. Phlox also becomes infected with the virus and has to withstand T’Pol’s advances.


I didn’t care much for this episode. In fact, I hate it. this was an episode that was yet another attempt to boost the ratings. After all, the main storyline was weak and uninteresting. The ratings for this series have been declining. So why not create some kind of pretense to get T’Pol half naked and running around on the ship?

Bottom line is if I wanted to see a beautiful woman running around in her underwear, there are plenty of other options. There’s literally no need for Star Trek to have an episode like this.

Of Note

This was at least the fourth time this season when Captain Archer was captured. Hopefully he’ll learn soon how to prevent this from happening. Or maybe not.

In all previous iterations of Star Trek, Pon Farr is something that only affects Vulcan males, not females. Oops.