45 – Manhunt

Grade: D+

Manhunt (1989) on IMDb


The Enterprise has been asked to transport two delegates to an intergalactic conference of some kind. Also, Counselor Troi’s mother Lwaxana comes aboard the Enterprise, looking for a new husband (Deanna’s father died several years ago).


This rarely-seen episode is not worth your time. It’s terrible. Oh, there are some silly moments – like Counselor Troi’s mother, for example, who always seems to get herself in trouble whenever she’s aboard the ship. And it’s fun to watch Picard squirm because she’s such a nuisance.

But the rest of the episode is such a mess. Everything that happens on this episode is so contrived, and nothing seems natural. There are plot holes and problems everywhere. Like why does Data insist on changing his clothing before joining the Captain on the Holodeck? That was never used. It was just odd.

The aliens look so fake that it’s ridiculous. And the ending is just terrible. If Mrs. Troi could tell that these aliens were assassins, why didn’t she mention that before? It’s just stupid. Skip this one at all costs.

Of Note

In this episode, Majel Roddenberry plays the part of Troi’s mother and the ship’s computer voice. So when she asks for directions to Holodeck 3, she’s talking to herself. I don’t think you want to watch this entire episode just for that, but if you do watch this, keep an eye out for that.