3 – The Naked Now

Grade: D-

The Naked Now (1987) on IMDb


The Enterprise is sent to a planet in response to some strange messages. Apparently, something has gone wrong on the research vessel investigating a neutron star. The crew quickly finds out that all of the people on the other ship are now dead.


This series really got off to a slow start with Encounter at Farpoint, but then they really didn’t improve much. First of all, this episode was based on a pretty mediocre episode of the Original Series. So it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that this one wasn’t very good either.

The script is very mediocre. None of these characters say things that you’d expect them to. Their conversations don’t seem natural. They say funny things, and the acting is awful.

Of Note

Check out Troi’s new haircut. She has it all piled on top of her head. I’m not sure why she’d need a new one. Her hair in episodes 1 and 2 was fairly normal.

Note how Riker is psychic. Right after he tells Data to narrow his search in the computer to historical references, he tells Captain Picard that they’ve found something before the computer has finished searching.

Deanna Troi refers to Riker as “Bill” in the middle of the episode.