159 – Dark Page

Grade: C-

Dark Page (1993) on IMDb


An alien race called the Cairn are on board the Enterprise. Since they have no spoken language, Lwaxana Troi is serving as their interpreter. Things go wrong when she meets a young Cairn girl named Hedril.


This really isn’t one of my favorite episodes, but then, I’m not that fond of Mrs. Troi. She is too overbearing for my taste. She’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.

The story seems to drag on and on. I got the point much earlier in the story than it was revealed. And it seemed to take forever to get there. Plus, as is common with the Deanna and Mrs. Troi episodes, this really had a lot of overacting. I think I wanted to like this episode, but it just wasn’t something I’d want to see too often.

Of Note

This is the only time we see Counselor Troi’s father. Also, you may recognize the girl who plays Hedril. It’s pre-teen Kirsten Dunst.