142 – In the Pale Moonlight

Grade: A

In the Pale Moonlight (1998) on IMDb


Told in flashback, Captain Sisko tells the story of the last couple of weeks on the station. He was angry over the continuous reports of soldiers being killed in the battles against the Dominion. He believes one way to help protect the Alpha Quadrant from the Dominion is by getting the Romulans involved in the war. In this episode, it shows to what extent he is willing to go and what he is willing to do in order to stop the Dominion.


This episode is amazingly good. It tells a story that only Deep Space Nine was willing or able to do. There has never been any episode like this on any of the other Star Trek series. Well, I can’t say that for sure anymore because I haven’t seen Discovery or Picard, which are both known for their edginess. Still, DS9 did it first and did a spectacular job with it.