142 – Birthright, Part 1

Grade: C+

Birthright, Part I (1993) on IMDb


The Enterprise is sent to station Deep Space Nine, to assist Bajor in repairing some of their aqueducts. While Worf is on the station, he meets a man who knows something about his father. And Data ends up having a dream or two about his creator.


This episode was pretty bizarre. It really lacked cohesion, in my opinion. We spend about 60% of the time watching Data learn how to dream and see how he reacts to it, and the rest of the episode deals with Worf and his father.

We all thought Mog had died at Khitomer, but now it seems he’s still alive. Well, that is until the end of the episode. That’s when we find out that Worf’s father really isn’t alive, but there’s a group of Klingons living on a planet under Romulan rule. So then we have to decide if maybe Worf was set up or maybe the alien who told him about his father really didn’t know who Mog was.

Eh, whatever. I didn’t like this one anyway, and I didn’t really care that much. It looks like they tried to set something up, but they just didn’t have enough to make a full episode – so they tacked on the part with Data’s creator.

Of Note

Near the beginning of this episode, the Deep Space Nine theme is played. I’m a big fan of DS9, so I enjoyed hearing this again – it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the show.