141 – Live Fast and Prosper

Grade: B-

Live Fast And Prosper (2000) on IMDb


A group of alien criminals have been impersonating the Voyager crew – specifically Janeway, Tuvok and Chakotay. They make a deal for some bolomite, but before they can drop off the requested dilithium, they claim a storm is preventing their transport. Then they leave orbit without paying for their bolomite.

Later, B’Elana notices there is a contaminant in the replicator system, due to some parts that Neelix traded for. They realize the people who traded them the parts may also be the same ones who are impersonating them in various crimes in the area.


My rating on this episode is mostly based on the fact that it’s original, unexpected, and humorous. It was actually pretty funny to see these aliens acting out as if they were the real characters we’ve come to know in this series. It isn’t a great episode, but it’s still fun enough that it’s easy to forgive its flaws. I especially enjoyed watching how these aliens impersonated the real characters. Fake Tuvok was my favorite, though Fake Janeway was also pretty funny.

If you take this too seriously, you’ll probably hate it. But if you look at this as a parody of the series, you’ll probably enjoy it much more. It’s more like Galaxy Quest than Star Trek.

Of Note

Neelix claims that Janeway is the finest Starfleet captain he’s ever known. It’s quite a compliment, except when you realize that Janeway is the only Starfleet captain he’s ever known.