136 – Collective

Grade: D-

Collective (2000) on IMDb


Neelix, Chakotay, Paris and Harry are playing poker on the Delta Flyer. Suddenly, they see a Borg cube coming right at them. It turns out this cube is piloted by 5 adolescent Borg drones.


I guess they thought it would be a good idea to recycle the same kind of story that Deep Space Nine did with the Starfleet Cadets running their own ship. Except this time they went with Borg kids.

This is perhaps the most boring episode of Star Trek that I’ve ever seen. I mean, really. Borg kids? How threatening is that? Don’t waste your time with this episode. It’s by far the worst Borg episode that was ever created in this entire franchise.

Of Note

Here’s yet more proof that Janeway really doesn’t want to get back to Earth any time soon. In this episode, she doesn’t even try to steal any technology from the abandoned and malfunctioning Borg ship. Hmm. Seems she’s tried taking technology from them before, but when she has a ship right here in her hands, she doesn’t even ask the question if they should take a transwarp drive or even try to repair the ship and tow Voyager back to Earth in weeks rather than decades.