12 – The Menagerie, Part 2

Grade: C-

 The Menagerie: Part II
(1966) on IMDb


Spock’s court martial continues, and more video evidence is shown. Meanwhile, the Enterprise continues on its way to Talos IV. Soon we learn the real reason Spock took the Enterprise there.


The second half of the previous episode didn’t really improve on the first one. If anything, Part 2 was worse, and I think it’s rather inept. We still don’t know why it’s a crime to visit Talos IV. We don’t know why Spock couldn’t have just asked permission to bring Captain Pike to Talos IV. I certainly don’t know why we had to see all the footage from the original pilot. This episode was a waste. It was a clip show, and I hate those.

Of Note

There is one funny part of this episode. Vina calls Number One a computer, and the actress who plays Number One will later be the voice of the computer on future Star Trek episodes.