104 – Let He Who is Without Sin …

Grade: D-

Let He Who Is Without Sin... (1996) on IMDb


Worf and Dax are taking a vacation to Risa together. Unfortunately for them, Bashir, Leeta and Quark are also coming along. After the arrive, they discover a group of insurgents who want to stir up trouble.


No offense to anyone who may have worked on this episode, but boy was this thing awful. The script is the worst I’ve ever heard from this series. The acting was atrocious, and these characters don’t even seem to be the same as what we’ve come to expect over the years. I honestly can’t believe this episode was produced by the same people who made the rest of the series.

I’m glad I have only seen this once and I have no desire to see this episode ever again.

Of Note

Vanessa Williams makes her only appearance in Star Trek in this mess. It’s too bad they couldn’t give her something better to work with.